5 Misconceptions I Had About Being A Teenage Girl At Age 10

When I was ten years old I had this very strange hatred toward teenagers. Especially teenage girls. I refused to grow up and dramatically thought the world was over when I turned thirteen. Most of my apprehension about being a teenager sprung from these five misconceptions. Let’s just say, I was a strange child.

1. Boys

Misconception: In the mind of a ten year old, being a teenager meant that all you ever talked about with your friends was how “hot” a boy was. You would lose any ability to communicate about anything else. All a teenage girl was capable of thinking about was falling in love with a boy. And by “falling in-love” this ten year old meant holding hands and kissing, sometimes even kissing *whispers* on the lips.

Reality: Haha… ha… heh… Yeah… First of all, there are so many more pressing matters that we teenage girls discuss, for example: college, jobs, if unicorns exist. Boys barely make it into the the top 10% of important topics. Second of all, both genders are way too immature to “fall in-love” so it’s best if we embrace our singleness and move on. And let’s be honest, ten year old me had more crushes and was more obsessed with “falling in-love” than I am now.

2. Emotions

Misconception: Somehow, when a female reaches the magical age of thirteen, they lose all control of their emotions and constantly cry. All. The. Time. About anything and everything.

Reality: In some girls’ cases, the uterus does play crazy games with the heart and brain, so sure, crying sometimes happens. Sometimes the microwave saying your food is ready is an excellent reason for your tear ducts to release all that water. But that is not all teenage girls. Some of us are very emotionally stable. I haven’t cried in two years (not joking). Where as, my ten year old self cried. Just about every day for absolutely no reason. I still don’t understand.

3. Being “Cool”

Misconception: When a girl becomes a teenager, she wants to act grown up and be “cool” so she no longer plays. It’s not “cool” to run around the neighborhood with a Nerf sword, swinging it at Ring Wraiths while trying to help Frodo and Sam get the Ring to Mordor. It’s “cooler” to just sit and talk  to your friends (probably about boys).

Reality: Well, 10 year old me wasn’t wrong. However, there is a difference between being “cool” and doing “socially acceptable” things. I’ll never be “cool.” I’ve come to accept that. It’s being “socially acceptable” that I actually have to try to be. No one is going to hire a seventeen year old who runs around and acts like a child. So yes, I have had to sacrifice a bit of my childhood and grow up.

4. Living in Headphones

Misconception: Teenagers are so disconnected from the world. They are always listening to music, and it’s always so loud, you can hear it through their earbuds! They’re gonna be deaf by the age of 30 if they keep listening to that loud music.

Reality: Um… *cough* me. Teenagers have to deal with a lot of crap. Music is a great escape from said crap. You get lost in the lyrics, surrounded by those sick beats. It’s great! Regarding being able to hear the music through the ear buds, I have not been able to find a decent pair that actually sends the music into just my ear, so not my fault. And if I’m deaf by the time I’m 30, so be it. “Surrender” and “Take Me Home” by CashCash are too great not to listen to.

5. Teenagers are weird

Misconception: Teenagers are just so weird!

Reality: Teenagers are just so weird!

For real, though, being a teenager hasn’t been as bad as ten year old me thought. There have actually been some great things, like driving and going to college and hanging out with friends (while talking about unicorns). I think ten year old me was just being an emotional drama queen. It’s been an interesting adventure!


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